Mission, Vision & Core Values

Alpha Conference Vision

We embrace the global vision of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church to become a… Place of Hope and People of Promise.

Alpha Conference Mission

The Alpha Conference exists to Glorify God and to build the Kingdom of God, by equipping pastors, ministers and local churches to obey the Great Commission to reach people, disciple believers, develop leaders and multiply churches.

Alpha Conference Core Values

Our vision and mission hinge on Eight Core Values essential to fulfilling the destiny God has assigned to our network of ministers and churches.

Prayer: We encourage and employ prayer as the foundation for all that we hope to accomplish as we obey the Great Commission.

Scripture: The Bible is God’s Word of life to the world.  Through the Bible, we discern the voice and actions of God in human history.  Through the Bible, we learn Who we worship.  From the worship of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we learn how to live as citizens of His Kingdom on earth.

Pentecost: The Holy Spirit has called the church to be a people who live and walk in the Spirit.  We believe all the gifts of the Spirit are active today.  We believe the Holy Spirit empowers the Body of Christ corporately and individually to fulfill the mission of God on the earth.

Evangelism: We commit to reaching out to ALL people within our communities with relevant methods of evangelism to share the love, hope and promise of Jesus Christ in the spirit of the Great Commandment.

Leadership Elevation: We will engage, equip and empower pastors, minister and local church leaders to disciple believers and develop leaders by elevating their levels of leadership.

Radical Generosity: All of our resources, whether material or spiritual, are gifts from a loving God.  We do not live fearfully based on lack.  We live gratefully based on God’s provision.  We commit ourselves to be obedient as tithers, joyful in giving and generous in heart.  As he gave, we give.

Supernatural Anointing: We anticipate a supernatural anointing of the Holy Ghost to do the works of Jesus with signs, wonders and miracles following.

Interdependence: We affirm that the Body of Christ is most effective working and walking together in covenant unity, shared resources and cooperative ministry.